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Assassin's Creed Origins has an $800 special edition

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If there's one dependable lesson to be learned from E3 every year, it's that consumerism is good. And that's no better demonstrated than by this ludicrous Assassin's Creed: Origins edition. Tidily dubbed the Dawn of the Creed Collector's Case – Legendary Edition (opens in new tab), it'll set you back $800 (or $1,250 in Australia).

Rather amusingly, this pack doesn't get you absolutely everything offered in the bajillion (ie, five) other special editions of the game, but crucially, it does get you a 73cm figurine in resin (it's in resin, you see). The game is there of course, as is a season pass, a physical world map, and an eagle skull amulet, which is nice.

The full rundown of what's in it can be perused over here (opens in new tab). Or you could watch this video. Scroll to the bottom for an image showing everything in the edition.

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