Where to find the safe code in As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls burgalry with two masked robbers
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Can't remember the As Dusk Falls safe code? It's tricky, I know. When you break into the Sheriff's house during episode one, Jay puts the safe code in his pocket, but when it actually comes around to opening the safe hidden behind the books it's nowhere to be found. If like me, your memory is absolute garbage, you'll probably struggle to bring it back to mind.

But worry not, in this As Dusk Falls safe code guide, I'll tell you the right combination you need to enter to open the door and acquire that cash before Dale does anything drastic. The even better news is that this safe code remains the same even in subsequent playthroughs, so you won't ever have to worry about it changing on you.

As Dusk Falls safe code: What's the combination? 

The safe code is 5926. You might remember earlier in episode one when you're robbing the house, Jay puts the code in his pocket and you get a quick look. You probably forgot all about it, though, thinking that it would be there to use later. 

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Just make sure to enter the correct code before the timer expires. Entering the wrong code will cause the alarms to go off, whereas if you fail to enter any code at all, Dale will resort to more drastic measures and try to smack it open with a crowbar.

You'll also need to do this if you want to unlock the "Codebreaker" and "Smooth Criminal" achievements, though you will also have to complete some QTEs for the latter and make sure that Becky doesn't call for help. If you fail the burglary, however, you will still get the "Bungled" achievement.

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