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Armored Warfare trailer details mobile and deadly M551 Sheridan

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.58.36 am

Obsidian has released the first in what will probably be a series of trailers detailing the various tanks you'll be able to... drive (?) in Armored Warfare. I don't care about tanks but I found the trailer mildly interesting, so if you're well into tanks it's probably worth a look. Lots of people are into tanks.

The M551 Sheridan is an extremely mobile and deadly tank, the trailer above advises. The only problem is it's also pretty weak, so you're warned to take a "run and gun" approach if you choose to hoon around in one of these. You'll be able to do so in the forthcoming Armored Warfare beta, which is scheduled to happen in 'Q2 2015'.

Ian Birnbaum had a session with Armored Warfare last month, and found it quite similar to flagship tank brawler World of Tanks. "The closer it sticks to World of Tanks, the less interesting and more forgettable the whole thing will be," he wrote.

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