Arma 3 update promises "major" weapon changes


The upcoming Marksmen DLC for Arma 3, and the accompanying free update aims to "redefine what it means to fire a weapon in Arma 3". The free update adds suppressors and bipod weapon attachments, heavy and grenadier vests and "nine new types of face paint". Oh, and "major" changes to weapon handling and sound.

Those changes introduce "weapon resting" which alters your weapon's accuracy when you're positioned on a stable surface. Bipods can be used to give you stability pretty much anywhere, and recoil and suppression have been tweaked to offer what Bohemia describes as "a more tactical, intuitive and rich experience". Guns!

The free update will also add a new multiplayer scenario called End Game, which invites teams to find and recover some useful schematics. There's also a new showcase scenario called "Firing From Vehicles" but who knows what that's about.

Meanwhile the Marksmen DLC, due April 8, adds seven new weapons including five long-range rifles and a couple of medium machine guns. There are also new ghillie suits and two "Remote Designators, which can be used to spot and laser designate targets from afar". These can be tested in new firing range drills and a new recon mission. The DLC will cost £10.99 / $15.99, available via Steam and through Bohemia's site.

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