Arma 3 livestream video scouts over an hour of full release features

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Bohemia Interactive recently held a livestream event to tour the content set to unlock with the full release of Arma 3 next month . It's a lengthy operation, clocking in at just over an hour. Would-be soldiers may want to grab an MRE ration and brew up some coffee on a camping stove. You'll want to watch this from the comfort of your cosiest foxhole.

The video takes you on a helicopter ride along a small section of the giant 270km² island of Altis. You'll also see one of the faction showcase missions that will launch with the game, and get a look at the scenario editor's Steam Workshop support. The full game will include three faction showcases, twelve singleplayer showcases, nine multiplayer challenges, and a bunch of weapons and vehicles.

What won't be present is a campaign. That'll be released later, in three separate chunks of free DLC. You can find out about the reasoning behind that decision over in Evan's interview with Bohemia .

Arma 3 is due out on September 12. The beta is available now .

Phil Savage

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