Arma 3 beta trailer brings out the war machines

Arma 3's new beta trailer is a veritable shop window of soldierly hardware—stealthy helicopters, mini subs, and fearsome sniper rifles. But it's not just a training exercise as we also get a look at how all those weapons of war might be put use in Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military sim.

The Arma series is of course known for its massive scale. It has huge maps, heaps of equipment to master, and an impressive attention to detail. The new trailer dials up the detail level to 11 and invites us to wonder—is there anything we can't do in this giant sandbox world? We get a glance at firing drills, co-op missions, and night operations, among other scenarios. It's safe to say there's going to be a lot to mobilize when Arma 3 eventually releases.

You can purchase access to the beta through Steam and will then receive a release copy when the full game is finished. The first beta patch has already been added and it appears feedback is flowing in the right direction as all the early-adopters take the battlefield.

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