Arma 3 community video provides SITREP on the beta update

Bohemia have released the latest in Dslyecxi's Arma III community guide video series. Where previous videos have guided newbies through teamwork, infantry combat, and modding, this time we're being given an overview of the alpha's development history, as well as a feature round-up of the newly beta'd version's features.

Given the amount of additions and fixes Dslyecxi runs through, it's hard to fault Bohemia's treatment of the alpha. Plus we also get some top picks of the mods and missions that are already building a solid community within the game.

With the beta update, the game now includes more showcase missions, new weapons and vehicles, and an extra faction. The big addition - the 270 km 2 main island of Atlis - won't arrive until the full game is ready. That's currently expected for some time this Autumn.

We've got loads more coverage available through our Arma 3 hub page . Alternatively you could go and look at these nice screenshots .

Phil Savage

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