Arma 3 beta gets Steam Workshop integration

Arma 3 now has Steam Workshop support, giving industrious players a chance to show off and share their own vision of the military sim. In beta since June, Arma 3 already had an in-game editor, but with Workshop support, access to the custom content should now be streamlined, according to a press release .

"In the fast and easy to use world of app stores, streaming services and real-time feeds, we felt that sharing user content needed to improve," said Bohemia Interactive's Jiří Zlatohlávek in a press release. "What we see in the Workshop is a faster and easier way both for the creators to get their work up there to the players and for the players to find and try it while providing feedback and encouragement, where it's needed the most."

Easy distribution of community content should also be vital since we learned that Arma 3 will emerge from beta without— at least at first —a full campaign to sit alongside its single-player showcases and obvious multiplayer appeal. And while certain mods are definitely better-known than others, some ambitious and creative types have already put together scenarios that riff on mafia goons and Metal Gear , so who knows what we'll see once Arma 3 sees full release on September 12.