ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Competition offers $25k in prizes

Ark Survival Evolved

Last month, the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved released Unreal Engine 4 mod support for the game. Now that people have had some time to practise there's going to be a competition to reward the best.

You can make a new map or a new functionality/game mode. Your mod will be judged on originality/creativity, how it looks and sounds, and its entertainment value. Round 1 is partly scored by public vote, so start canvassing now.

The grand prize is for $15,000 and an Alienware Area-51 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI graphics card, second place gets $5,000, an Alienware X51, and a GTX 960, and third place gets $2,500 and the same card. Don't worry about the dollar signs; the competition is open to residents of the UK and some other European countries too.

This isn't the first time Ark has handed out money to its players. A few weeks ago it offered $100 to players who could spot exploits in the game.

If modding isn't your thing, the team also just released the Hunger Games-style Survival of the Fittest mode that we told you about last month. No cash prizes for that one, unfortunately.

Thanks, RPS.