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Ark: Survival Evolved adds procedurally generated maps in latest update

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Ark: Survival Evolved's feature-filled journey through Early Access has seen the open-world survival 'em up receive a fair few updates—the latest of which marks number 248. 

Besides three new creatures and a new Explorer Note system, the most recent patch brings with it "infinite" procedurally generated maps, where "players can determine a myriad of landscape options", including the heights of mountains, depths of valleys and specific choice of biome. 

On the creatures front, patch 248 welcomes the water-based, high-speeding, solitary-hunting Kaprosuchus; the territorial, however otherwise peaceful, herbivore Chalicotherium; and the swamp-dwelling, oxygen-giving, amphibian Diplocaulus. Scattered across 130 chests throughout the island, the new Explorer Note System is a catalogue of diary-like stories from the archipelago's past inhabitants that also serve to buff XP upon discovery. 

"These 3D Explorer and Story Notes are punctuated with powerful personalities from a Roman Centurion to an Ancient Chinese Warrior to an Egyptian Priestess, each one chronicling their experiences on ARK and unveiling kernels of the story secrets they have uncovered," reads a Steam Community post

The update also adds a slew of less significant, although welcomed, adjustments—for example, you're now able to directly wield your weapons when mount-riding smaller dinosaurs, which is handy—all of which can be found here

In separate Ark news, the somewhat controversial Scorched Earth DLC—which developer Studio Wildcard has since addressed—is currently on sale alongside the update, should that be something you're interested in checking out.

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