Arcania: Gothic 4 demo is out

Arcania mountaineering

The fantasy RPG series is back for its fourth outing, the first under new developer, Spellbound. It's got Orcs and Goblins, and dungeons full of giant spidery things to kill. It's also got a demo , so you can frolic in its idyllic fields, slaughtering weird bug creatures to your heart's content.

The demo is set at the very start of the game, when all you have to defend yourself is a shepherd's crook. You have to earn the trust of your girlfriend's father to gain permission to marry her. To do this you mostly have to beat up small creatures, which means you get a good taste of the 'slash, slash, slash - ohgodohgod dodge! - slash, slash, slash' combat. Alternatively you can just wander around the game's lovely, lovely fields for a bit. The game's due out on October 12th.

Tom Senior

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