Apex PC cheaters are somehow getting into console lobbies and wrecking face

Newcastle lifts Horizon into the air in the middle of a party
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FNATIC player Revengeful was recently streaming Apex Legends when his squad came across a cheater who had clearly forked-out for the premium package. Most remarkably, Revengeful was playing on console and the cheater was playing on PC (you can tell platform in Apex from a little icon on the death screen.)

The clip is below but, essentially, Revengeful and squad were playing the Predator mode on King's Canyon. The streamer and his squad then get absolutely iced by super-accurate fire from a player called '[Joba] SlxghtR Owns You <3'. The experienced Apex-ers quickly realise that this player is using an aimbot and who-knows-what else to dash around like some sort of AI monster and dominate the other players in the lobby.

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I've come across complaints of PC cheaters being able to access console games of Apex, but this is the first time I'd seen footage of such. This is of course deeply wrong, the player was banned shortly after this stream, and hopefully Respawn will work out how to stop such shenanigans. It is also deeply funny to watch, and further enhanced by the dude with the French accent who keeps saying things like 'what the fuck bro' as we watch the super-cheat annihilate all competition.

The cheat software being used here means that the player using it is basically able to wipe out opponents from a distance with enormous accuracy, landing pinpoint no-scopes over and over again. "Oh my god bro, he’s just beaming bro," Revengeful adds at one point.

Ever since launch Apex Legends has been dogged by cheaters, though Respawn is equally dogged about fighting them off. Three years from launch the game remains brilliant, if occasionally a little broken, and the most recent major update introduces Newcastle, a shield-bearing Robocop who, much to my amazement, is not named after the city of Newcastle.

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