Apex Legends 'Twitch Rivals' event will throw 48 high profile streamers into the ring

The likes of shroud and DrDisrespect are among the streamers who will take part in an official Apex Legends 'Twitch Rivals' challenge next week. 48 streamers will compete for $200,000 in prizes across two events, with the first taking place February 12 and the second on February 19. 

According to the announcement, the event will comprise 16 three-player squads competing to earn the most points: match victories will gain five points, while kills will rake in one point. "To win, streamer squads have to show they’ve mastered the unique abilities of the game’s roster of Legends, plus they’ll have to make the most of Apex Legend’s new additions to the Battle Royale genre, like Smart Comms for improved call-outs and Respawn Beacons for defying death," the site reads.

The confirmed streamers so far are DrDisrespect, Sacriel, TSM_Myth, DisguisedToast, RealKraftyy and shroud. It'll stream here on February 12, 9am PT. 

Apex Legends released earlier this week and has already amassed over 2.5 million players. Respawn has already released a year one roadmap for the fast-paced battle royale.

Shaun Prescott

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