Apex Legends tournament won't air on TV due to recent shootings (updated)

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Update: The Apex Legends tournament broadcast that was scheduled for this weekend has been delayed, not cancelled. It will be shown on ESPN2 on Sunday, October 6, then again on Tuesday, October 15, and Sunday, October 27.

Original story: The EXP Invitational Apex Legends at X Games tournament was due to be rebroadcast this Sunday, August 11, on ABC, but has now been pulled from the schedule. A letter addressed to ABC affiliates, posted to Twitter by esports consultant Rod Breslau, explains that this was done "Out of respect for the victims and all those impacted by the recent shootings".

The Apex Legends tournament in question took place at Minneapolis on August 2 and 3, and a condensed, hour-long highlight show was planned for broadcast this weekend. It was due to be Apex Legends' first appearance on TV in the US. The letter explaining its removal is dated August 6, two days after the mass shooting in Dayton took place.

The rebroadcast has been shelved in favor of a hockey documentary called E:60 Forever Broncos.

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