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Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft looks mighty impressive

Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft
(Image credit: kurobekuro on Reddit)

I'm a sucker for seeing the stuff I like recreated in Minecraft. There's something about seeing a familiar place reconstructed on Minecraft's massive scale that never stops feeling impressive, and that's certainly how I'd describe one Apex Legends player's recent efforts to bring one of its maps and several weapons and abilities into the blocky world.

Reddit user kurobekuro is the one responsible for these majestic structures. They were able to build an impressive chunk of Apex's biggest map before it was put on hold due to a "lack of time." From the screenshots kurobekuro shared, I can spot the Harvester, Train Yard, Mirage Voyage, Epicenter, and part of Downtown.

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Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft

Harvester (Image credit: kurobekuro on Reddit)
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Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft

Trainyard (Image credit: kurobekuro on Reddit)
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Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft

The Epicenter (Image credit: kurobekuro on Reddit)
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Apex Legends recreated in Minecraft

Mirage Voyage (Image credit: kurobekuro on Reddit)

But kurobekuro is a bit of an overachiever, so map locations aren't all they've managed to translate into blocks. They also went ahead and made a custom R-99 SMG and Flatline assault rifle, complete with sound FX that legitimately sounds like the original guns filtered through Minecraft.

I'm especially impressed by the R-99 sounds and animations that perfectly capture how fast the gun tears through its magazines.

Kurobekuro even managed to get a few hero abilities in the game. Octane's jump pad works as advertised and both of Wraith's portals can be linked up exactly how you'd expect. 

Check out the full post for a few more angles on these locations from kurobekuro. I'm definitely convinced that Apex is fertile ground for a fully-realized Minecraft mod, even if it were just me and some friends on a smaller-scale map like this. The block-ification of everything would at least let you introduce destruction into the mix, something that actual Apex Legends is pretty light on.

In other Apex news, Respawn recently banned over 700 high-ranked players for cheating. You don't hear about cheating in Apex all that much, but the developer told us around 100,000 accounts are penalized for cheating every month.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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