Apex Legends comes to Steam with the start of season 7 on November 4

Electronic Arts' big shift to Steam will continue in November with the long-awaited launch of Apex Legends, which will take place with the kickoff of season 7 on November 4.

The Steam version of Apex Legends will support crossplay, so you can mix it up with your pals on Origin and consoles (although connecting with console players will take a little extra effort) and more importantly, I think, your progress will carry over, meaning you can switch from Origin to Steam (and back again, if that's your thing) without losing a step of progress.

It's a switch you'll probably want to make, at least once, because everyone who logs in via Steam during season 7 will get some free Half-Life and Portal-inspired gun charms. And who wouldn't want these sweet beads dangling from their firepower in the middle of a hot throwdown, am I right?

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

EA hasn't said much about Apex season 7 yet, but it did tease the arrival of a new character in the Champion Edition trailer released last week (that's the one at the top of the post), and more recently with teasers like this:

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The suspicion, driven by leaks and dataminers like Biast12, is that she's a doctor named Horizon, but we'll have to wait and see how it goes—you know how Respawn is with fakeouts, after all.

For right now, Apex Legends is in the midst of its Fight or Fright event, featuring the Shadow Royale limited-time mode on the Kings Canyon After Dark map, plus Halloween-themed cosmetics, challenges, and a standalone reward track. Full details on that are up at ea.com.

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