Apex Legends brings back Duos mode and Kings Canyon as permanent fixtures next week

A new lore event is dropping for Apex Legends next week, on April 7, but forget about that for a minute—there's more important things happening on that day. The real headline here is the permanent addition of two new (by which I mean returning) features.

First, the two-person Duos mode is back and, this time it's staying for good. Second, Kings Canyon, Apex Legends' original map, makes its now-permanent return as a map rotation.

Previously, Apex Legends' first map made some cameo appearances for a limited time, always as an optional extra away from the default World's Edge map that replaced it in Season 3. As much as I love always landing on the current map's train, damn the consequences, it'll be nice to see Apex's original zone on a more regular basis.

Oh, right, the event: it's called The Old Ways and it'll be a Bloodhound themed affair. Apex's hunter will be getting their own Town Takeover—a thematic new area to be found on World's Edge. Bloodhound’s Trials will be an enclosed area in the northwest of the map filled with 'prowlers', creatures that, when killed, will reward high-tier loot.

In addition to the takeover, there will, of course, be skins. The event will feature its own reward track, with skins inspired by The Old Ways digital short. Daily challenges will let you progress through the track, earning your fancy new digs. You can see what's available over at the Apex Legends site.

The Old Ways will run until April 21.

Phil Savage

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