Apex Legends accident might have leaked Season 14's new character Vantage

Apex Legends Possible Leak Vantage
Image via u/TheKzX on Reddit (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

A mistaken, early post of a link to the Apex Legends client yesterday seems to have leaked the image of the new character for Season 14. Supposedly, this would be Vantage, who was revealed in an earlier leak. 

The link to watch a short video called "Stories from the Outlands: Survive" was pulled quickly after and hasn't reappeared. Just today, Respawn has announced the premier of the next Stories from the Outlands on July 25th at 8:00am PT—the images are quite similar.

this_one_just_show_on_apex from r/ApexUncovered

We know the name Vantage from this year's massive Apex Legends leak. In that leak, Vantage was the name of the legend tied to what seemed like the Season 14 release, and looks extremely similar to this weekend's leak. The image also bears resemblance to teasing Respawn did earlier this week, showing off diary entries with the caption "You've got to keep yourself busy when you're one of the only two people on the planet."

From what the leaks allege, Vantage will be a sniper-focused hero who can teleport to a "winged companion." She can also apparently read information on enemies using a scope, and has a special rifle for marking and scanning enemies.

The official Apex Legends account made a Tweet yesterday, too, titled "Distress transmission incoming..." with a short teaser and what sounds like the voice of a new character. It points towards the idea that someone was getting everything ready for a new character release and clicked a button early.

We'll keep an eye out and update if and when we hear more. Apex Legends season 14, called Apex Legends: Hunted, is set to release on August 9th.

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