Another Fortnite play tester is being sued for Chapter 2 leaks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Another Fortnite play tester is facing legal action for leaking details related to the battle royale's Chapter 2 content update. According to Global News, Epic Games has filed a claim against play tester Lucas Johnston for his alleged leaking of a screenshot taken during his period of employment at Keywords Studios, where the play testing was carried out.

According to the report, Johnston is alleged to have taken the screenshot during a session on August 30, before uploading it to a Fortnite Competitions forum on September 12. He was fired the day after.

“As the creative projects created by the claimant require a long period of time between the start of their conception and their commercialization, confidentiality is thus, throughout the process, essential in order to offer its users innovative projects at the forefront of the video game technology industry,” Epic Games' claim reads.

The claim says that while Johnston admits to having taken the screenshot, and having emailed it to himself, he doesn't take credit for it finding its way online.

For the alleged breach of a non-disclosure agreement, Epic Games is seeking damages of more than $85,000.

This follows similar court action taken against Ronald Sykes  last month. ""Sykes’ spoilers did just what the word itself suggests: they diminished the anticipation of what was to come and the joy of looking forward to it. They detracted from the pleasure that the Fortnite community takes from the game because they deprived some of its members of the thrill that comes from the element of surprise and the delight of experiencing that surprise and the planned 'reveal' all together at the same time," the lawsuit read.

Shaun Prescott

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