Anomaly 2 awakens trailer, release date and two-for-one offer

Somehow, even in a post-apocalyptic future where every day is a harsh battle for survival, the planet can still be full of blithering idiots. Exhibit A: This story trailer for "Tower Offence" sequel Anomaly 2. Watch as two guys foolishly approach the GIANT WARNING LIGHT OF IMPENDING DOOM, just on the vague promise of "high-grade military shit". Come on, guys, there's a siren and everything. How can you be this oblivious?

Oh look, a giant be-tentacled alien monster robot has shown up. Let's hope there's some lone dude with a mechanical Assault Hound randomly waiting to save your asses.

Huh, there was. That's lucky.

In case you missed it in all the excitement, the trailer also revealed the game's release date: 15th May. And currently, pre-orders taken through the Anomaly 2 website or Steam will receive two copies of the game for the price of one.

Want to see a more representative look at Anomaly 2 in action? Here's a dev walkthrough of the new multiplayer mode:

Phil Savage

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