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And in other PC gaming news...

Shogun 2 Total War Thumbnail

My desire to become 'alright' at Total War: Shogun 2 reached breaking point yesterday. I ended up watching video commentaries of more skilled players. The battles might not be presented with the polish we've come to expect from Starcraft commentaries but they're epic and educational regardless. This guy has even used YouTube captions to lead you through his online matches in your own custom order. Very clever.

I just want my Avatar Conquest games to look like his; is that too much to ask?

Click more for today's bonus links. WARNING: lots of sprites die on the next page.

We spent lunch playing Men of War: Assault Squad. There was a lot of burning, some tanks, and not much actual progression across the map. Good fun though. Tonight, I'm planning on installing the ARMA 2 Ghost Recon: Island Thunder mod after getting inspired by Evan's textbook warmongering .

What was the last mod you installed?