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And in other PC gaming news...

Minecraft as a sidescrolling platformer

GDC is over, but there's no resting here in the PC Gamer office. A quick oil change and some coffee brewed in the heart of a black hole was all it took to get us back into the action. What's more, we're armed. Should invading forces again breach the walls of PC Gamer towers, we'll be ready. Read on for your daily dose of PC gaming news, and a clue as to what we've been fighting each other with all day.

  • A CryEngine 3 tech demo escapes from GDC.

  • Good Old Games tell Adventure Classic Gaming that DRM scares off players.

  • Gas Powered Games announce that they've taken over development of Age of Empires the only way they know how, a video in which a developer dressed as a Roman warrior fights Master Chief, and Chris Taylor is startled by a dinosaur.

  • Here's some shakycam footage of the Unreal Engine 3 GDC tech demo.

  • Bioware have released another video of The Old Republic's Bounty Hunter .

  • Here's the latest Homefront multiplayer trailer .

  • Bioware go over some of the graphical technology behind Dragon Age 2.

  • What if Minecraft was a sidescrolling platformer ?

  • Lego Star Wars 3 is one of the few games where beating a foe to death with the dismembered head of another enemy is cute instead of completely horrifying.

  • The latest version of Doom 3 Thief mod, the Dark Project , is out now.

  • GamersFirst have posted some of their observations from the APB Reloaded closed beta. "Last week we had to de-power the shotgun that could blow up a car in (almost) one shot."

Recently we discovered what happens when three people all play as the Imperial Guard Lord General in Dawn of War 2: Retribution's Last Stand mode. Last Stand throws you into a small arena and throws ever more powerful waves your way. Your stoic heroes must fend them off for experience and new wargear. That wargear includes turrets and entire units of Guardsmen. It's possible to hole up in the corner of a map behind a wall of cannons and expendable infantrymen, sniping xenos from afar. We love to turtle, how about you?

Based in Bath with the UK team, Tom loves strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.