And in other PC gaming news...

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Everybody, quick, we need to upgrade to 1.1. The Old Republic's doing it, Minecraft's done it, and we don't want to be left behind. Personally, I've attached a pair of Project Fiona style controllers to either side of my head and now I look like this . My head is a new form factor for human heads. 1.1 is amazing!

But now it's time to time to put on a serious face. Thanks to my 1.1 upgrades, it's the only face I can actually wear, which is fitting, because we've been thinking a lot about SOPA , and its implications for gamers, and the internet in general. It's very worrying stuff, but it's okay, you can use this round-up of PC gaming news to take your mind off it. Today's list includes some good news for Batman: Arkham City and Brink, and some bad news for cheaters in Battlefield 3.

Are you upgrading to 1.1? Give us your patch notes in the comments below.