And in other PC gaming news....

Dragon Age 2

Will Dragon Age 2 have multiplayer ? Possibly, but more importantly this post gives us the perfect excuse to make up a series of silly ideas for how it could work.

  • Dragon Age: Dragon Warfare - The Gray Wardens invade an unnamed middle eastern country. Things explode.
  • Dragonville - A social game about managing the town of Kirkwall, be sure to grow enough hero plants or you'll be overrun by Darkspawn.
  • Dragon Age: Age of Dragons - Be sure to kill ten Darkspawn to level up enough to participate in the Arch Demon raid!
  • Dragon4Age - Race from safe zone to safe zone through the Darkspawn infested deep roads. Four player co-op!
  • Dragon Age: Infernum - Turn based strategy game in which you scheme against other Darkspawn to rule the deep roads.

Check inside for a dragon list of aged PC gaming news.

  • Edge say the latest Skyrim patch for consoles makes Dragons fly backwards. We're a little worried for the PC version now.
  • Killing Floor is free this next weekend.
  • VG247 say DC Universe Online's Lightning Strikes DLC will be out on the 6th of December.
  • Eurogamer say Battlefield 3 has sold 8 million copies.
  • RockPaperShotgun report that the Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta has started.

What are your predictions/made up jokes readers?