Dragon Age multiplayer mode rumoured, built with Frostbite 2, lets players be dragons

Dragon Age

Those "industry insiders," what don't they know? One of them has slipped a few details to Kotaku about a possible multiplayer component for Dragon Age, saying that it's being built in Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine and already looks stunning. It's not known whether it's planned as part of Dragon Age 3, or whether it'll be a separate standalone release, but apparently it'll let us play as a dragon.

EA and Bioware's other upcoming RPG, Mass Effect 3 already has a confirmed multiplayer co-op mode, so it would make sense to see something similar making its way into Dragon Age. The insider told Kotaku that there will be arena based, co-op PvE elements and competitive player vs. player battles. It's unconfirmed at the moment, but would represent an interesting direction for Dragon Age, and imagining a Dragon Age game made with Frostbite 2 is giving me happy shivers. Do you think Dragon Age multiplayer is a good idea?

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