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And in other PC gaming news...

space marine thumb

Our Space Marine review is out! It's written by Rich McCormick, who is supremely qualified for the job, as he is actually a genetically modified seven foot tall super soldier wearing more armour than a tank (pictured above). No seriously, we've had to have the doors to the PC Gamer doom fortress specially enlarged to accommodate his massive paldrons, although we insist he checks his bolt pistol and chainsword in at reception.

Inside is a selection of PC Gaming news that shall know no fear.

Only kidding, this is what Rich actually looks like.

  • Eurogamer report that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting a last minute delay in Japan in order to remove some content prohibited by the Japanese ratings board.
  • Indie developers Big Block Games are live streaming development of their game Coffee Break Hero ; an RPG being built in 14 days for charity.
  • BluesNews point us to a debug mode mod for Deus Ex: Human revolution that lets you level select, spawn weapons, skip intro videos and tons more.
  • Earlier Kotaku reported that the version of Dead Island released on Steam today might have been the wrong one. A statement to RockPaperShotgun confirms that the 'final' version will be out later today.
  • Modern Warfare 3 producer Mark Rubin tells VG247 he is more concerned with gameplay than technology.
  • Gameranx has some new information on Borderlands 2.
  • Over at RockPaperShotgun , Kieron Gillen writes about how Deus Ex: Human Revolution is actually about DRM.

US readers, have you played Space Marine yet? What did you think?