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And in other PC Gaming news...

WoW Cataclysm

You've probably noticed that the internet is one hell of a busy place. Almost too busy. We've decided to post a daily round-up of the things that we don't have time to cover in detail. You'll find the remainder of the PC gaming news that you need to know about for Wednesday after the jump...

WoW lead designer Greg Street talks about how Cataclysm is really, really hard. And why it's fun again.

EA are set to reveal Battlefield 3 at this year's GDC.

Blizzard have made Tol Barad easier to attack (because it's rock solid right now).

How to use a PlayStation 3 controller on Windows 7.

Valve have changed their recommendation system. Gamers are buying in sales but not playing. (Via reddit )

The Super Meat Boy soundtrack is now available to buy.

Fantastic Bulletstorm Halo ripoff trailer is ready to watch and lol at.

Ready-to-blast-off Missile Command Movie based on the 30 year old game exists. Somehow.

World War 2 FPS in which Hitler has his own DINOSAUR ARMY.

Dead Space 2 characters have appeared in Battlefield Heroes, weirdly.

City Interactive's Ghost Warrior sequel to use Cryengine 3.

Aside from writing a magazine and packing with content, the UK team have been busy playing all kinds of PC games today. Tom's been playing Greed Corp while Graham has been indulging in Back To The Future: The Game (expect reviews soon). Tim is still doing daily WoW quests, daily, while the remainder of us enjoyed some lunchtime Supreme Commander 2 co-op action.

What's your favourite story of the day? What have we missed? As always, let us know in the comments.