Amplitude Studios teases new Endless Legend expansion

Amplitude Entertainment has teased a new Endless Legend project, probably an expansion, named Endless Legend: Inferno.

Posting on the studio’s creation platform Games2Gether, the tease came as community manager François Hardy announced Amplitude was departing for its 10-day summer break.

“We're about to close shop for about 10 days, as we head early into our annual summer break,” Hardy wrote. “Don't worry though, as we'll soon be back with some news. The project we have in closed beta is coming along nicely. The other closed beta is coming along nicely. Wait, what? We didn't mention there was another beta going on?”

This was followed by an animated version of the image above, along with the caption “Things are about to get hot!”

No other information about Inferno was posted, but given how Amplitude has supported Endless Legend since its launch in 2014, it’s likely that Inferno will form another expansion to the vanilla game.

The most recent expansion “Tempest”, was all about water, introducing universal naval combat and aquatic races. Therefore, we’d hazard a guess that Inferno will involve demons rising from Endless Legend’s equivalent of hell, or something similar. I suppose Inferno could be a searing indictment of climate change instead, but I’d put my money on fiery hell-demons first.

No doubt Amplitude will supply more information when the team returns from its summer break in ten days’ time. tw