Among Trees, a visually resplendent and serene survival game, is out now on the Epic Games Store

VIDEO: Watch the Among Trees trailer from the PC Gaming Show above. Also on YouTube.

Among Trees is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Firewatch, Campo Santo's indie hit, with its striking colors and use of silhouette. Except Among Trees is a survival sandbox where you build your own cabin, tend to a garden, go fishing, and all that other stuff we like to romanticize about being a woodland hermit.

Oh, and it's out now too on the Epic Games Store. After years of teases and silence, developer FJRD Interactive has surprised launched the game into early access. While I'm not exactly thrilled about another foresty survival sim, Among Trees looks relaxing and serene—not at all like what you'd normally get out of the genre.

We'll have impressions on Among Trees soon, but for now you can watch the trailer above or find out more from its Epic Games Store page.

Steven Messner

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