Amid Evil's new trailer showcases the twin terrors of The Arcane Expanse

New Blood Interactive made quite a splash last year with the retro-flavored shooter Dusk, and now it's gearing up to roll out its next project, Amid Evil. It's been available in Early Access for almost a year now, but episode six, The Arcane Expanse, went live today and brought with it a new trailer showcasing "a non-Euclidian dimension of otherworldly design known to drive lesser beings insaaaaane." 

Like its predecessor, Amid Evil is inspired by classic shooters from the mid-'90s, but where Dusk channeled Quake, Amid Evil is firmly rooted in Heretic. You'll still be shooting at everything that moves, but with blasts of arcane magic rather than bullets, and the levels are more open and overtly otherworldly. It gets hairy at times, but the parts I've played, from the game's early episodes, feel somewhat slower overall.   

For a closer look at what Amid Evil is all about, hit up our preview from last year. It doesn't have a full release date yet, but a studio rep said work on the seventh and final episode is well underway, and it should be ready for launch soon. The Early Access version is available for $20 on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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