American Truck Simulator's next DLC wants you to really explore Idaho

American Truck Simulator's latest DLC is going to make it more worth your time to explore, thanks to the introduction of an experimental new 'Viewpoints' feature.

In a blog post, SCS Software outlined the new feature, which will provide sweeping shots of areas of "economical and historical importance". Right now it's just going to be limited to the upcoming Idaho DLC, which means areas such as capital city Boise will get viewpoints first. Should players respond well to the inclusion, though, it's likely the feature will be even further expanded to include viewpoints across the entire of the US, and with greater detail.

While at the moment they are just a series of cutscenes panning over specific areas SCS' long-term goal is to turn the viewpoints feature into something of an educational tool.  They'll provide snippets of information on the importance and history of the areas you usually drive through without a second glance. It may also become something of an overarching goal for the game, as previously-visited viewpoints will be listed, giving a gotta-view-'em-all feel to the mechanic.

It's features like this that make me love simulator games. In no other genre could a cinematic look at Boise, Idaho be something to get excited about, and yet here we are doing just that. I really hope it's a feature the community appreciates, as I can imagine it turning the game into something that appeals even greater to both the hardcore driving fans and those who like to just aimlessly wander down an American highway.

American Truck Simulator's Idaho DLC is due to launch later this month.