AMD's latest graphics driver gets your PC ready for Resident Evil 2 and Tropico 6

The Resident Evil 2 remake launches tomorrow, and if you plan on playing it, AMD has a new GPU driver package you should download. That's assuming you own a Radeon graphics card, of course.

AMD's Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.2 driver package just dropped, and it includes performance optimizations for a few different games. They include the aforementioned RE2 remake, plus Tropic 6 and Anthem (Early Access).

According to AMD, the 19.1.2 driver release boosts performance in Anthem at 1080p by up to 7 percent on the Radeon RX 580, compared to the 19.1.1 driver package. That is the only specific performance sample AMD mentions in the release notes.

In addition to a handful of game optimizations, AMD also fixed several issues. They include:

  • Some displays may experience a black screen on reboot until the display is power cycled.
  • A toast message may intermittently popup incorrectly suggesting that a new driver upgrade is available.
  • Rocket League may experience flickering or erratic refresh rates when Radeon FreeSync is enabled.
  • Custom installations of Radeon Software may sometimes fail to install Radeon Settings.
  • Radeon Settings may experience an application crash when Upgrade Advisor is refreshed by the user multiple times.
  • Users may not be able to upgrade to an optional driver if the latest recommended driver was installed by AMD Link.

Follow this link to grab the new driver.

Paul Lilly

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