AMD will dive deep into the Zen 2 and Navi architectures at Hot Chips 2019

Ryzen 3000 render

I've talked plenty about the excitement of AMD's upcoming CPUs and GPUs already, and all indications are we'll see lots of Ryzen 3000 at Computex, and Navi / Radeon 3000 at E3—possibly at Computex as well. There's no official launch date yet, but June/July is extremely likely. And to solidify that timeframe, AMD CEO Lisa Su will be presenting the keynote at Hot Chips 2019: Delivering the Future of High-Performance Computing with System, Software and Silicon Co-Optimization. Yeah, that's a mouthful.

More important than the keynote, perhaps, is that AMD plans a deep dive on the "Zen 2" architecture that will be used in 3rd Generation Ryzen desktop processors and 2nd Generation EPYC servers. That will be on Monday, Aug. 19 at 9:00 AM PT, so several months out, and we'll have reviews and performance data before then I'm sure. Similarly, AMD will dig into "Navi" on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 6:15 PM PT. Again, I fully expect to have reviewed at least a couple of Navi GPUs by then.

The AMD keynote will be a look at high performance computing in all its facets. The abstract states:

"From medicine to the frontiers of scientific research, manufacturing and entertainment—the demand for computing and graphics technologies continues growing. While we are entering a golden age of high-performance computing, it is increasingly clear that the techniques the industry has used to reach this point will not deliver similar advances over the coming years. As the gains from Moore's Law have slowed in recent years, the industry has begun to focus on new areas of innovation to maintain the historical pace of performance improvements. AMD CEO Lisa Su will discuss new techniques in system architecture, silicon design and software that will enable future generations of computing and graphics products to deliver more performance with greater efficiency."

Besides the not-so-subtle jab at Intel and Moore's Law (yup, it's dead—or at least progress is less than half as fast as it used to be), it will be interesting to hear what's being done to continue advancements over the coming decades. Related to the AMD keynote on day 1, TSMC will be presenting the day 2 keynote: "What Will the Next Node Offer Us?" 

TSMC is AMD's partner for all 7nm parts, including Zen 2 and Navi. It's also the manufacturer of Apple's latest chips in the iPhone/iPad. TSMC has plans for 5nm already well under way, with 3nm, 2nm, 1.4nm and sizes below a nanometer as a potential future, though I suspect that last category could be a long time coming.

Getting back to AMD, in its annual stockholder meeting, AMD also discussed its plans for Zen 2 and Navi. You can watch the full stream, but start at around 23:40 and Su gives a Q3 2019 rollout of 3rd Gen Ryzen and Navi. Again, it confirms what we already expect: the new CPU and GPU lines will launch within the next month or two.

Jarred Walton

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