AMD to release hotfix for low fan speeds on Radeon GPUs

Asus Strix Amd 390x

AMD will be releasing a hotfix today, November 30, for Radeon Software Crimson. Radeon Software is AMD's new replacement for the Catalyst Control Center. Since its release last week, there have been sporadic reports of graphics card overheating due to low fan states.

AMD is aware of the problems, and says that its "engineering teams have identified and addressed this issue, and AMD intends to release a hotfix on this coming Monday."

Some users on Reddit saw that fan speeds were being locked to 20 percent, even under high load. This has reportedly resulted in some cards becoming incredibly hot, and in some cases even burning out. "So, after installing the drivers and playing around 30-45 min of CS:GO my computer turned off and the GPU is burnt," wrote one user. We can't verify if the driver is actually causing cards to burn themselves out—normally we'd expect a card to throttle back before sustaining any real damage—but if AMD's putting out a hotfix, we'd recommend grabbing it to be safe.

Until the hotfix becomes available, you may want to check your fan speeds in Radeon Software.