AMD simplifies FreeSync branding with new 'Premium' and 'Premium Pro' tiers

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Buying a gaming monitor can get very complicated if you're not totally sure what you're looking for⁠—resolution, refresh rate, display panel, HDR support, and other factors all have to be taken into account. AMD is trying to simplify the process, as it just announced new multi-tier branding for FreeSync monitors.

Right now, the basic FreeSync branding simply guarantees a tear-free experience when paired with a compatible graphics card. There is also a 'FreeSync 2 HDR' label on some monitors, which includes HDR support, a refresh rate of at least 120Hz, and low frame rate compensation.

New FreeSync branding

New FreeSync branding (Image credit: AMD)

Today, AMD is rebranding 'FreeSync 2 HDR' to 'FreeSync Premium Pro,' and introducing a new middle tier called FreeSync Premium. If you see a FreeSync Premium label on a monitor, it means the display offers at least 120Hz, low framerate compensation, and the usual tear-free experience.

Table of FreeSync tiers

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"The base FreeSync tier remains as an industry baseline for monitors, laptops, and TVs that have been designed and tested to meet a quality standard of performance," AMD wrote in a blog post. "Regardless of tier, all FreeSync monitors go through a comprehensive certification process, which tests various aspects such as no tearing, low flicker, and low latency to enable highly responsive gaming."

You can expect to see the new branding on monitors soon. If you're looking for a new display to buy now, check out our roundup of our favorite gaming monitors.

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