You can now probe your AMD Ryzen CPU from inside the new Radeon GPU software

AMD Ryzen CPU render on top of performance metrics in Radeon Adrenalin software
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As PC gamers we've all felt the need to obsess over the details: Is my CPU running at an okay temperature? What about voltage? Is my GPU overheating? All questions any new builder will ask themselves for weeks—whether or not there's any reason to worry. If you find yourself fretting the fine details, and own an all-AMD gaming PC, the red team has just made it easy to get a top-level breakdown of your PC's technical performance, all in one place.

Cut the cord...

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The latest Radeon Adrenalin Software, 21.4.1, adds AMD Ryzen performance data into the performance tab of the Adrenalin Software, and is available to download today.

That means all your important metrics under one roof. You can view utilisation, peak clock speed, voltage, power consumption, temperature, current, and thermal current side-by-side with your GPU, VRAM, and RAM stats.

While that's shy of quite a few metrics found in other free in-depth monitoring apps, it may be enough for some. It's certainly more visually pleasing than most.

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That also gives you the ability to hit one button to begin logging performance across all of your key components.

Also including at the top of the CPU monitoring is a quick shortcut to AMD's Ryzen Master software. That app offers a more complete monitoring and performance tweaking package than the Radeon Software for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

There are more reasons to upgrade to the latest Adrenalin software, such as new AMD Link functionality, but for some reason this stuck out to me as a decent quality of life improvement worth mentioning. I feel as though this may otherwise fly under the radar for most, despite being pretty sweet.

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