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AMD quietly cuts prices on all three Ryzen 7 processors

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Until Threadripper arrives, AMD's Ryzen 7 processors still sit at the top of the pack. They're also cheaper now than they were at launch, with all three Ryzen 7 CPUs having quietly received a price cut, or so it seems.

A quick glance online shows AMD's flagship Ryzen 7 1800X processor selling for $460 at Newegg (opens in new tab) and $456 at Amazon (opens in new tab). At launch, the Ryzen 1800X debuted at $499. It may fall even further, as TechPowerUp notes that it was selling for $470 a month ago.

If you're willing to step down to the Ryzen 7 1700X, you'll find that one now selling for $360 at places like Newegg (opens in new tab) and Amazon (opens in new tab), versus $399 at launch.

Finally, the Ryzen 7 1700 is down to $315 on Newegg (opens in new tab) and $300 on Amazon (opens in new tab), whereas it was selling for $329 at launch.

Be sure to shop around if you're interested in any of these processors. Pricing seems to be all over the place depending on vendor, though the bulk reputable online sellers are selling them for less than what they went for at launch.

The best deal we could find is at (opens in new tab) (owned by Walmart). It has the Ryzen 7 1700 marked down to $300, or $292.23 if you opt out of free returns and pay with a debit card. On top of that, new users can save 15 percent (up to $30) on their first three orders using coupon code SAVE15. That brings the price down to $262.23.

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