Amazon's take on Fallout's vaults looks pretty good in leaked shots

Vault Boy waves through a Vault door
(Image credit: Interplay)

Someone needs to check the seals on those vault doors, because Amazon's Fallout sets just keep on leaking. Last time, we got our first enthralling glimpse of the upcoming TV show's enormous take on Fallout's power armour, and now we've gotten a look at Amazon's version of vault life thanks to some surreptitious snaps of the set for Vault 32.

The pictures come courtesy of an account called BethesdaArabic, which isn't actually affiliated with Bethesda but is—in fairness—definitely in Arabic, and mostly show shots of a vault interior. There's a lot of hallways, a creche, and a room that resembles a classroom, along with a few shots of an exterior wooden barn which I have to guess is the above-ground disguise for the vault's entrance. You can see the pics in the tweet thread below.

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It looks pretty good, if you ask me. I remain sceptical that the final product will reach the bar set by Fallout 1 and New Vegas, but I have to give the set designers and prop people credit for capturing Fallout's vibe so well. The friendly rounded edges and submarine-like atmosphere of the vault's corridors feel very familiar indeed, as do the scattered chairs and cots that look like the aftermath of some kind of disturbance or uprising.

BethesdaArabic's tweet refers to the vault in these shots as Vault 33, but if you squint at the photos of the creche and the exterior you can just about make out the number 32 emblazoned on the walls. Vault 32 isn't one that's been mentioned in the games, so there's not much we can deduce from its name, but some knowledgeable fans have pointed out that it tends to be the west coast vaults that get lower double-digit numbers in the games: Vault 34, for example, was one of the vaults featured in New Vegas. It might be that Amazon's setting will be closer to Fallout's Californian roots than its heavily Bethesda-inspired design suggests.

The TV show began filming for real back in mid-July, so we're not going to see this one in motion for a year or two yet. Still, if candid photos from the set keep leaking out like this, we might be able to stitch together a mutoscope version of the first episode ourselves before too long.

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