Amazon's MMO New World shows off new environment screens, begins alpha test

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Amazon has shared a further look at its MMO New World (opens in new tab), where hundreds of players will war over a newly discovered supernatural continent, building forts, setting quests for other players and battling over territory. Amazon Game Studios also revealed on Twitter (opens in new tab) last week that it has started inviting players to its alpha test at random, from people who signed up on the game's website. 

Like last week's look at the game (opens in new tab), the new screens mainly focus on New World's pretty-looking environments. The team has also shown off a neat little time lapse video of its day/night cycle. Take a look: 

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Amazon has only invited a "small batch" of testers to take part so far, which is what the Orange County studio's Patrick Gilmore told me would happen back at Gamescom. "Some aspects of the game are experimental...we're gonna test, we're gonna expand over time. It's a closed alpha, invite-only. We'll bring people in, from the sign-up list, starting this fall." If you're interested in taking part, then, you have to head to the game's Amazon page (opens in new tab), log in and click the 'Email me' button.  

Here are the other new screens, including a glimpse at the game during the night, which is when supernatural creatures will apparently become a real threat:

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