Amazon's Fallout TV show is coming in 2024 and will be set in Los Angeles, 'where dreams come true' even after a nuclear war

Fallout TV series key art
(Image credit: Amazon (Twitter))

Amazon has revealed that its upcoming Fallout TV series will debut on Prime Video in 2024, and will be at least partially set in sunny Los Angeles, the city "where dreams come true."

The admittedly slight update on the Fallout series came from the Prime Video Twitter account, which shared this image—and only this image—earlier today.

(Image credit: Amazon (Twitter))

2024 isn't the most precise release date ever, but it's more than what we had. Filming began in July 2022, and we previously expected that the show would air sometime in late 2023. It's entirely speculative, but the lack of a more definite date in today's announcement makes me think that we probably won't see it very early in the year—2024 is only four months away, after all.

The Amazon image also reaffirms that the Fallout show will feature Vault 33, as indicated by the "33" on the Vault Boy's uniform. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about what's taken place behind that particular Vault door, whether it's a normal, fully-functional fallout shelter dedicated to the preservation of human life, or a bizarre experiment dedicated to making people suffer horrifically in the pursuit of some twisted corporate agenda.

Fortunately, this isn't the only Fallout news of the day. At the end of an in-person Starfield presentation at Gamescom earlier today, Bethesda's Todd Howard gave the audience a "little sneak peek" of the show. He said Bethesda wouldn't be posting the teaser online, but of course people at the presentation were recording, and they did.

The video quality isn't great, but it's filled with unmistakable Fallout touchstones: A Vertibird, a squad of troopers in power armor, a Vault door opening, a ghoul in a duster and stetson, and of course a nuclear blast—you can't be post-nuclear without the nuclear, you know. 

Crappy capture quality aside, I think it looks pretty promising: We already have high hopes for Amazon's Fallout TV series, and I think this teaser is one more reason for optimism we can add to the pile.

Andy Chalk

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