Amazon will announce its game streaming service next year, according to a report

(Image credit: Amazon)

Rumours surfaced early this year that claimed Amazon was developing a game streaming service, but despite the launch of Stadia and and Microsoft's demonstrations of Project xCloud, Amazon has yet to hint at its game streaming plans. According to a new report from CNET, however, is will be announcing the service next year. 

In January, details around the service were sparse, with but people allegedly familiar with Amazon's plans claimed that the company had approached publishers about putting their games on the mystery platform. 

The report from CNET adds that it's been recruiting people from the likes of Microsoft to assist with the streaming service's launch, along with new hires for another gaming initiative related to the service. Job listings have not explicitly mentioned a streaming service, but they have mentioned Amazon's desire to explore streaming in more general terms. 

Twitch job postings like this one, meanwhile, mention Amazon's plans to better integrate services, games and communities. They don't hint at its game streaming plans, but they do suggest that Twitch and Twitch Prime would be connected to the platform. 

The Stadia's launch doesn't appear to have set the world on fire, so Google's lead might not be much of a hurdle for Amazon to overcome. In the meantime, check out our impressions of Stadia so far.

Fraser Brown
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