Where to find all the Corrupted Memories in Watch Dogs Legion

Stuck on any of the Watch Dogs Legion Corrupted Memories locations? Once you've finished the Watch Dogs Legion story, you’ll be given one final mission chain. This wraps up one particular plot point from the end of the campaign, so be warned, there are spoilers for the end of Watch Dogs Legion throughout this guide.

After your exploits in the campaign are concluded, you’re tasked with recovering the memories of DedSec's AI, in a mission called "Finding Bagley." To do this you need to visit eight locations around London, the only clues for which are blurred photographs, with a ninth photo appearing once you've found the first eight. Thankfully you’ll know you’re in the right area to tick off a memory as you’ll get an alert in the top-left corner of your screen telling you that a ‘Bagley Memory’ is nearby. So, let's get to it: Here are all the Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Memories locations.

All Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Corrupted Memories locations

1. National Gallery

First, head to Trafalgar Square, located in the northern portion of the City of Westminster. Once here, go to the northern edge of the square—away from the large protest gathering—and look up at the long, rectangular building. This is the National Gallery: Take a photo of it to complete this first objective.

2. Millennium Wheel

Next, head to the northern half of the Lambeth borough. On the western bank of the Thames, you’ll see the large, imposing Millennium Wheel, also known as the London Eye. Standing inland from it, you’ll see two small kiosks just in front of the landmark on ground level. Stand a little back from these kiosks, and get them in the shot with the London Eye, and it’s job done.

3. World of Tomorrow

In southeast Islington, the World of Tomorrow will be marked as a hostile territory on your map. There’s a beer garden directly next to it, and if you stand in the beer garden and face north, you’ll see the colourful archway required for the photo of this Watch Dogs Legion Corrupted Memory.

4. Brixton Recreation Center

For the fourth location, get to the Brixton Recreation Center, which is found in the southeastern area of Lambeth. This big, square block is found directly south of Kennington Park, and east of the Dorrel Hand Car Wash controlled by Clan Kelley. You’ll know the building by the white outline of a person on the side, just above street level. Make sure you get in the photo for memory 4.

5. Crosier and Cherry pub

Now you need to find the Crosier and Cherry pub, which I had some trouble with, at first. Eventually I found it nestled along the eastern border of Lambeth, directly next to the Viaduct Underground station marker on your map.

6. Duck Island Cottage

This quaint location is known as Duck Island Cottage, found near the original DedSec safehouse in the City of Westminster. Head north from the safehouse and you’ll come across a large green park area. On the eastern edge of it you’ll find the cottage.

7. Wellington Arch

This is Wellington Arch, and it’s far outside the center of London. Start at Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster borough and travel west to the very edge of the map. Here in the far west area of London you’ll find the Wellington Arch: Take a photo of it from the northeastern side.

8. Guy's Hospital

Now head to the middle of Southwark. Directly south of the Shard, you’ll find Guy’s Hospital, of which you need to take a photo from the western side.

Final Image: Sky Garden

Only once you've completed all eight Watch Dogs Legion Corrupted Memories locations, this final puzzle will appear. It's the 9th photo, but it will be numbered differently on your list depending on the order you found the first 8 photos in (for instance, if you found the third photo last, this new photo will be numbered 3.5.)

For this last photo you need to access the Sky Garden. This isn’t marked on your map, but it can be reached by going to the Walkie Talkie building, found near the Thames in the southern half of the City of London. Go into the building on the ground floor, and take the elevator up to the Sky Garden bar. Head out onto the terrace immediately in front of you from the elevator exit, and take a photo that captures the Shard ahead of you, and the Millennium Wheel to your right.