Latest Humble Weekly Sale is all rhythm games

This week's new Humble Weekly Sale features a bundle devoted to rhythm games. The funkiest of gamers—by which I mean, anyone who can actually bob their head in time and carry a tune—will appreciate the sick beats on sale in the form of Symphone, Sequence, and Bit Trip Runner. I've now used up all of the music-related slang I know, so we can all move on.

Following the standard Humble model, you can name your price for the basic three-game bundle (though you must pay more than $1 to get Steam keys). For $6 or more, you will also get Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Retro/Grade. Of the six games, four of them come with their own soundtracks. Symphony, Audiosurf, and Beat Hazard Ultra also let you play with levels generated by your own music collection.

Check out the Humble Weekly Sale before it ends on Wednesday next week. You can also follow Humble Bundle on Twitter to keep up with future deals.