How to find and switch between Shells in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell Shells
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Need to know how to change Shells in Mortal Shell? Shells are what's left behind of the fallen warriors of Fallgrim, and you can channel these entities to learn their movesets. Choosing a class can feel like a heavy decision, but in this Souls-like you have the flexibility to switch between Shells at your leisure. Let's add some direction to your early-game exploration, and find some abilities in which to invest your hard-earned Tar.

Whether you only have eyes for one class, or are hoping to use each to your advantage, I'm also here to help you uncover their resting places. A couple of the Shells challenge you to fight for them, but this only makes them all the more rewarding to retrieve. Here's how you can find, and switch Mortal Shell Shells.

How to find all Mortal Shell Shells

It's possible to find all four Shells almost immediately, and it's worth hunting them down quickly. As I mention in my general Mortal Shell guide, each Shell has different Resolve, Durability, and Stamina stats. They also have unique abilities that can be unlocked with Tar and Glimpses, but you need to learn their names first. After discovering a Shell, head to Fallgrim Tower by following the route above, and speak to Sester Genessa. When she offers, agree to sip the divine Tar, and pay to seek the name of your Shell. 

Harros, The Vassal

Cost: 250 Tar

Harros, The Vassal is the first Shell you find in Fallgrim. After completing the tutorial and crawling through the hole, run forward, then bear left. You find Harros, the Vassal in a grassy clearing. Interact with the body to inhabit the Shell.

Tiel, The Acolyte

Cost: 500 Tar

Before you get the chance to try on Tiel's wardrobe, you have a tough fight on your hands. Getting to the cave takes a little while, but it's worth it:

  • From the area where you grabbed Harros' Shell, follow the path around to the clearing—you should see Fallgrim Tower on your left. 
  • Collect the Weltcaps on the left, walk forward, then take a hard right down a watery slope. 
  • Keep right and crawl through the hole in the rock at the end. 
  • Continue straight ahead, avoiding the enemies grazing on the left to head through another hole.
  • Run forward through the broken archway to discover Fallgrim Outskirts. Continue forward, then turn right, then bearing left at the end of the road to access another hole in the rock.

Tiel's Shell is guarded by a boss called Ven Noctivagu. It can be difficult to find the rhythm for this fight, but the main thing to watch out for is this creature's leap attack. Light attacks interrupt most of its moves, including its leap—which is easy to see coming. Alternatively, you can Harden when it lunges forward and follow up with a few attacks until you can build your protective move once more. After defeating Ven Noctivagu, Tiel's Shell is yours for the taking.

Solomon, The Scholar

Cost: 500 Tar

Starting at Fallgrim Tower, make your way to the opening where Grisha lurks. Veer left, past Grisha, and follow the slope down to a hole covered by branches. Clear the debris with a light attack and crawl through the hole. You're met with a hostile creature that looks similar to Ven Noctivagu, but it has a much smaller health bar. Kill the creature and interact with the armour on the floor to pick up Soloman's Shell.

Eredrim, The Venerable

Cost: 500 Tar

Eredim is the furthest from the opening area, but it doesn't take long to find this Shell if you avoid the enemies along the way:

  • Enter Grisha's lair and turn right to crawl through the hole in the corner. 
  • Run past the camp of enemies and follow the path around into Fallgrim Outskirts.
  • Continue straight ahead, bearing left when you see large stone slabs. 
  • Run around, up the first flight of stairs, then around past the archer to descend the ramp.
  • Take the slope all the way down to see a bridge and large building ahead. Eredim's Shell is on the left, just before the bridge.

How to change Shells in Mortal Shell 

Head to Fallgrim Tower

You can switch between your Shells by selecting them from the crypts in Fallgrim Tower. There's a spot for each Shell, located on the ground floor of the Tower. Walk up to the Shell you wish to play as, and interact with it to change. You can switch between Shells using this method as many times as you want.

Use an Effigy 

Trekking back to Fallgrim Tower isn't always convenient, but you can change Shells without heading back there. As you'd expect, this level of luxury has its limits. Each Shell has consumable Effigies that let you switch to their class. For example, if you want to play as Harros, you need to use the Effigy of Harros. These items can be discovered in chests, dropped by enemies, or purchased from NPCs, including the Corrupted Sester.

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