Alan Wake to be self-published by Remedy, will use Steamworks - not GFWL

Alan Wake

Beggars can't be choosers. We're finally getting a chance to strike fear into Alan Wake's baddies with our mighty flashlight, so we should just-- aw, screw it. I'd really, really prefer that GFWL keeps its clumsy mitts off my favorite game hero whose name is a pun. I imagine most PC gamers feel the same.

And Remedy's listening. This time around, Microsoft's not in the picture, so neither is GFWL. Instead, Remedy's self-publishing the game on Steam, which means it's officially kicking GFWL to the curb . We waited, and good things came. At this rate, I fully expect a PC port of Halo 3 that includes a full suit of Master Chief armor and keys to a real-life Warthog.