Aion 2.0: Elyos Leveling Guide (53-55)

Balaurea Fortress Battles: Platinum Medal rewards

Pinky: Join Fortress Battles to easily collect Platinum Medals.

When you join a Fortress Battle in Balaurea, you will receive Platinum Medals for your contributions and sacrifices. Fortress related quests also award Platinum Medals. In certain conditions, Agents from the opposing race will appear. When defeated, there is a good chance of getting Eternal grade weapons. Start winning fortress battles and move forward in occupying all fortresses in the region. Silentera Canyon becomes accessible when you conquer all Fortresses in Inggison and offers numerous benefits to those strong enough to make it there.

Obtain Fabled items by collecting Decrees of Valor

Duddlinerk Just a few more decrees and Daeva gets Fabled Helmet! So close, nyerk! How much do you have now, Daeva?

Pinky: I threw them away because I didn't know they could be exchanged. You should've told me earlier, Duddles!

A Decree of Valor is a reward for completing Beshmundir Temple quests in the Inggison region. These are a type of coupon that can be exchanged for Fabled items at a designated NPC. The selection isn't large, but the quality and performance of these items is supreme. A list of the Decree of Valor Quests follows:

Quest Name | Related NPC | Reward Item

  • Decree of Valor | Versetti | Versetti's Leather Belt, Versetti's Sash - choose 1
  • Reward for Contributions | Yulia | Yulia's Circlet

Abyssal Splinter: Abyss Treasure Room

Pinky: Platinum Medals as well as Eternal Weapons! The rewards are so awesome. Let's get a group together and go!

Duddlinerk: Duddlinerk wants Eternal Weapons. Daeva will get some Eternal Weapons for me? Nyerk!

Both Ancient and Abyssal Treasure Boxes will appear as you defeat Named Monsters within the Abyssal Splinter. These Treasure Boxes include a variety of Ancient Relics, such as Platinum Medals. There is also a chance to get Greater Fabled items from the Forgotten Abyssal Series. Upon defeating the final boss, Yamennes Painflare, a large Abyssal Treasure Box will appear, giving you a chance to obtain an Eternal Grade Weapon from the Yamennes Series. Still not pumped? Here's a list of loot types in the Abyssal Splinter:

  • Medals, Ancient Relics: When you kill Named Monsters, Ancient Treasure Boxes and Abyssal Treasure Boxes will appear. They include precious medals such as Platinum and Golden Medals. They are also packed with Ancient Relics.
  • Greater Fabled Item [Forgotten Abyssal Series]: When you kill Named Monsters and the Abyssal Treasure Box appears, it may reward Greater Fabled Items.
  • Eternal Weapon [Yamennes Series]: When you kill the ultimate boss, Yamennes Painflare, a larger than normal Abyssal Treasure Box will appear. When opened, you have a chance to get an Eternal Grade Weapon from the Yamennes Series.


You did it! Level 55. We're so proud of you. It's going to take the dungeons years to repopulate after all that leveling, and look at all the sweet loot you have to show for it. Just beware, I told the Asmodians to start ganking at level 55, so there may be a little more than usual trouble around the corner after this. There's one more guide set for tomorrow and it's all about Silentera Canyon, so stick around.