Aion 2.0: Elyos Leveling Guide (51-52)

Fight in Chantra Dredgion

Pinky: I'm gonna speed up to level 55, so I can go to Dredgion! Then, I can gank lower level Asmodians, bwahahaha!?

Duddlinerk: Nyerk! What!? Daeva now has access to two Dredgion battleships, depending on Daeva's level. Level 51-55 characters will be in Chantra Dredgion, so stop dreaming, nyerk!

After the 2.0 Update, the Dredgion level limitation is now 55. Accordingly, there are now two battleships. The existing Dredgion's name is now the Baranath Dredgion for levels 46-50, and the new Chantra Dredgion is for levels 51-55.

Just like Baranath Dredgion, the Chantra dredgion will have an entry request button that appears on the UI. The battle rules and map structure are, for the most part, the same. The main difference is that Chantra Dredgion's monsters are level 55 normal and elite grade and offer better rewards, such as Platinum Medals (which are needed for Primus Pilus Abyss items).

Better Loot in Existing Dungeons

Duddlinerk Daeva can still revisit existing instanced dungeons at level 51, nyerk! Many items in the existing instanced dungeons improved.

Daevas level 51 and above can still receive XP to level-up and score improved loot in the existing instances. Upper Abyss Instances, Dark Poeta, Draupnir Cave, and Theobomos Labs have all received enhancements to their loot drops.

Level 52: Greater Stigma Expansion!

Duddlinerk: When Daeva becomes level 52, be sure to meet Reemul for the Greater Stigma Slot quest!

The Greater Stigma quest, Stigma Master's Offer, is received from NPC Reemul who is located in Inggison Illusion Fortress. To complete the quest, kill Named Monsters that appear in the solo instance, Taloc's Hollow, and obtain 5 rare items.The limitation of rare items for a single entry is 3, so a minimum of 2 entries is required to obtain the 5 rare items. Once you open up the Greater Stigma Slot, you can purchase the new and powerful class specific Greater Stigmas. Behold the might of the Greater Stigma!

New Level 52 Group Instance :Udas Temple


Duddlinerk: Brave Daevas can go to Udas Temple. Divided into two floors of varying difficulty and offering two dungeons, Daeva will have opportunity to choose what you would like to do, nyerk!

Udas Temple is a gathering house for Fanatics who worship the Balaur Lord Udas. It has a 1st floor and 2nd floor, but is considered a single Instance Dungeon as far as story and rewards. The 1st floor is named Udas Temple and the 2nd, more difficult floor, is Lower Udas Temple. Both have different entrance hours.

Killing monsters in Udas Temple or attacking the dungeon will score you a significant amount of AP. Also, Named Monsters that appear inside the dungeon drop a variety of Fabled grade items and Eternal grade accessories. It's an alluring location if you want new equipment.

You made it!

At this point, there's little else you don't know about the September 7 expansion, I suppose it's because at this point, you know quite a lot. What's most amazing, is that you've only seen the first two levels. Catch us tomorrow for levels 53-55 as an Asmodian, and don't forget to tip the guides, nyerk!