Aion 2.0: Elyos Leveling Guide (51-52)

Travel with Windstreams and Geysers

Windstreams are like an aerial Roller Coaster. While you're wandering around Balaurea, you'll see several Windstreams. When you enter a Windstream by gliding, the wind will sweep you away and automatically move you along the Windstream without consuming your flight gauge; providing a quick route to your destination. Some windstreams can't be exited while en route to their destination, but many can be exited by releasing glide, free falling for a moment, and then gliding again for a landing. Windstreams can also be utilized for a more dynamic PvP experience.

Geysers are essential to survival in Balaurea. Geysers and updrafts allow you to glide upwards and can at times be used for entering a Windstream. These are located below cliffs or lower regions of the land. If you glide above the geyser, you can ascend to higher altitudes. Some Geysers are guarded and can only be used after defeating a monster.

Mithril Coins and Fabled Items

Duddlinerk: When Daeva reaches level 51, Daeva is over the hill. Duddlinerk means Daeva can accept quests that offer Mithril Coin rewards. Mithril Coins can be exchanged for the Fabled Sunsoaked series and offer decent EXP to boot, nyerk!

There are a variety of Mithril Coin quests. Related quests take place in different instanced dungeons, as well as throughout Balaurea. So when you hunt, regardless of the location, you will be able to collect Mithril Coins. It's also helpful in leveling-up since the EXP reward is good. We've compiled a list of the Mithril Coin quests through level 52 below:

Required Level | Region | Quest Name | Start NPC | Quest Rewards

  • 50 | Inggison | For the Scholars | Eduardo | EXP 1440600 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest
  • 51 | Inggison | Example: Shulacks | Stelvia | EXP 2235300 / 2 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest
  • 51 | Inggison | What's up, Brohum? | Crosia | EXP 1549900 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest
  • 51 | Inggison | Tiamat's Mark | Iaetia | EXP 1647300 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest
  • 51 | Taloc's Hollow | Mysterious Seed | Mysterious Seed | EXP 2129000 / 5 Mithril Coin
  • 51 | Taloc's Hollow | Spawning of Mosqua | Hyas | Different reward per result
  • 52 | Lower Udas Temple | What Interferes with the Investigation | Steurios | EXP 2653100 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest
  • 52 | Lower Udas Temple | Getting Rid of the Heckler | Sulbanyer | EXP 2653100 / 1 Mithril Coin / 1 Mithril Coin Chest

**The start item for the Mysterious Seed quest, Mysterious Seed, can be acquired upon completion of the Taloc's Wound quest.

Acquiring an extendable fabled weapon

Pinky: I must complete the quest, Blessing to the Agent!

Duddlinerk: Daeva knew already? This repeatable quest offers exceptional EXP and if Daeva completes it 30 times, Daeva will be bestowed with a Title and a Fabled Grade Weapon, nyerk!

Follow this quest chain to get Laestrygos's Mirage Greatsword: Blessing to the Agent -> Mirage -> For a Better Greatsword. The Fabled Grade weapon received from the quest, Blessing to the Agent, can be upgraded through a related quest. This will give you an option to extend the weapon after the upgrade, making this an even more desirable quest. The final upgraded weapon will be level 54 Fabled.

**There is no option to extend Orbs, Spellbooks, and Bows.

Daily Quests – Token Exchange

Duddlinerk: In Assault on Balaurea, new Daily Quest organization named Fortuneers has appeared.

Pinky: Ack! Do I go after Asmodians again? I'm scared of those darkling brutes...

Duddlinerk: Don't worry, Daeva! Fortuneers give rather quick quests (compared to other organizations), such as hunting monsters or delivering items, nyerk.

New daily quests can be received by joining the Fortuneers. The Fortuneers offer rewards such as Heroic and Fabled grade Items, Titles, Godstones, and more. Most of these items are permanent and are of higher value than rewards offered by the Alabaster Order. With the majority of quests taking place in Balaurea, you can also complete other quests at the same time.

Existing daily quests have also changed. New reward items, such as Pets have been added to each group. In addition, a Token Exchange NPC has been introduced, so you can exchange group specific tokens. Radiant Ops (PvP Quests) have changed up their rules a bit too:

Quest Name | To Obtain | Details

Asmodians Abated | Randomly on Mon, Wed, Fridays | Kill 2 Asmodians who came over to the field of your own race

Asmodae Infiltration Operation | Randomly on Tue, Thur, Saturdays | Kill 1 Asmodian by crossing over to the opposing race's territory

Daily Quest Tokens can also be used to purchase pets or exchanged for another Group Token.

New instance: Taloc's Hollow

Pinky: Taloc's Hollow is what? Something to eat?

Duddlinerk Nyerk! Duddlinerk can't believe Daeva hasn't been there yet! Taloc's Hollow is Solo Instanced Dungeon, Daeva must go now!

When you reach level 51, a new solo instanced dungeon opens up for you, Taloc's Hollow. Taloc's Hollow has elite grade level 51-53 monsters. Players can breakthrough the dungeon by utilizing items exclusively for this instance, such as Taloc Fruit (gives you equal abilities as a Guardian General), and Taloc's Tears (a powerful area-of-effect skill). You'll discover a variety of quests in Taloc's Hollow, including a quest to expand your Greater Stigma Slot (level 52 and higher).

**Re-entry time is 46 hours.

Yep, there's a lot to do down in the Hollow. We've got a few feats of note that might interest you right here:

  • Unlock Greater Stigma Slot: Meet NPC Reemul at Inggison Illusion Fortress, complete the quest to defeat Named Monsters in Taloc's Hollow; when completed, you can open 1 Greater Stigma Slot.
  • Earn a High Level Enchantment Stone: Meet Dorkin in a secret location of Taloc's Hollow and then purchase an axe to break the mysterious egg and acquire 1 Enchantment Stone (random).
  • Fabled Accessories: When you kill the ultimate boss of Taloc's Hollow, Celestius, you might receive one of these items as a drop: Celestius's Corundum Earrings, Celestius's Turquoise Earrings.

**Mysterious Seed, the item which starts the Mysterious Seed quest, can be obtained once the Taloc's Wound quest has been completed.