Aim Lab has crafted an official Rainbow Six: Siege training regime

Looking to hone your Rainbow Six: Siege skills, but unwilling to throw yourself into the hornet's nest that is the game's own matchmaking? Now, you can practice your Siege shooting with an official Aim Labs workout regime for Ubisoft's team shooter. 

Ubisoft today announced that Aim Labs has become the "official FPS training partner" for Siege. The game's physics, controls and weapon handling have been accurately replicated in the aim training tool, with greyboxed replicas of two maps (Oregon and Clubhouse) to practice in. More maps are set to be added down the line, along with more features to help you get the most out of these arenas.

See, maps and mechanics aren't enough on their own. Aim Labs has added Siege-specific training scenarios, running you through best practices for breaching rooms and watching corners to flashier skills like shooting lobbed C4 charges out of the air. Starting this summer, challenges in Aim Lab will let you unlock new skins and cosmetics in Siege. 

Our Emma was won over by Aim Lab earlier this year, finding a valuable (and free) tool for discovering her FPS blind spots. The software comes with a creator studio for adjusting attributes, and fans have spent hours crafting specific presets and scenarios for games like CS:GO and Overwatch. Adding officially-sanctioned training regimes for shooters only makes its training tools more useful.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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