Age of Wushu announced: a free to play martial arts MMO with no levels or classes

[VAMS id="Kg8rm53Tv0j9w"]

Age of Wushu is an intriguing free to play MMO from China. You play as a martial arts expert, but there aren't any levels or character classes. You learn your skills from one of eight schools of combat, and will be able to raid other schools to gain bonus knowledge and unlock more abilities. You'll be able to train your character outside of the game as well, using 30 "offline activities."

Expect lots of customisation, too. Apparently there will be more than 5,000 equipment upgrades, 17 progressions and aerial combat. The fighting style draws heavily from Wuxia genre, so there will be plenty of superhuman acrobatics and, as shown in the trailer above, water-running. It'll be released in the UK as well, under the name Age of Wulin. An "international test" is supposed to be starting soon. Keep an eye on the official Age of Wushu site for news of the beta.

Tom Senior

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